5 Creative Ceiling Ideas That Aren’t Boring

The ceiling is usually an afterthought after the paint colors have been selected, the flooring has been installed, and the furniture is delivered. Most of us have rooms that we spent hours decorating but have  building grade white ceiling. Here are some interior design solutions for getting rid of that boring ceiling and adding visual interest to the most overlooked part of the home.


1. Wood Cutouts and Shapes



3 dimensional shapes attached to the ceiling create a dramatic facade.

2. Stencils

Stenciling the ceiling provides endless pattern options and the ability to create an optical illusion in the room.



3.Exposed Beams

Removing the drywall and exposing the beam creates height.



4. Ornate Trim

The most class and glamorous way to make the ceiling interesting.



5. Decals

Decals are the easiest and way to spruce up the ceiling immediately.



How would you spruce up your boring ceiling?

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