10 Master Bathroom Layouts to Inspire Your Next Renovation

My love of interior design started when I was a child and would scour the real estate section of the newspaper and looked for floor plans to analyze.  Decades later, I'm still collected floor plans. These 10 plans for master bathrooms show all of the possibilities for laying out your personal oasis. I purposely selected layouts that included small spaces too.

1. L-Shaped Bathroom

76. Master Bath.jpg

2. Compact Bathroom with Room for a Closet

87. Master Bath - Copy.jpg

3. Focus on the Corner Tub

88. Master Bath.jpg

4. Symmetry and Storage

83.Master Bath.jpg

5. Small Scaled Tub and Shower

80. Master Bath.jpg

6. Shower with a Bench

81. Master Bath.jpg

7. Large Corner Tub and Double Sinks

79. Master Bath.jpg

8. Square and Efficient

78. Master Bath.jpg

9. Enclosed Toilet and a Walk-In Closet

77. Master Bath.jpg

10. Apartment Sized Master Bathroom

82. Master Bath.jpg