Custom Style With Store Bought Drapes

I love custom window treatments. They are always the perfect length, they’re fuller, and they hang better.  Most consumers are unaware of the true cost of custom drapes.  It is possible to create the custom drapery look with retail product but it takes planning and understanding any limitations based on your window situation.

Install Your Drapery Like a Professional

The number one principle is ensuring your rod placement is correct. Everything else falls into place after that. Placing the rod on your window trim or right above it screams armature! Drapery rods should be at least 4” above the top of the window trim at a minimum.  That number can increase depending on the scale of the windows and ceiling height.

Select The Correct Length

Short Drapes.jpg

Store bought window treatments come in standard lengths of, 84”, 96”, 108” some stores may offer 120”.  Keep in mind that your drapes should either puddle on the floor if you’re going for a lush look or graze the floor. Drapes that are too short is a common DIY mistake. If your drapes are more than 1” off the floor buy the next size up and hem them so they’re a desirable length.

Avoid Rod Pocket Drapes

 Rod pocket JC  Penny drapes hung with clip rings

Rod pocket JC  Penny drapes hung with clip rings

Customers who splurge on custom drapes buy pinch pleated drapes, grommet, or hidden tab drapes.  Rod pocket drapes are the least expensive style to produce.  One way of adding the designer touch to rod pocket drapes is to hang them with clip rings. The clip rings are an immediate high end touch for rod pocket drapes.

Buy Drapes with Lining

Drapery lining protects the fabric, adds privacy, and insulation.  It also adds body to the drapes.  They’re the undergarments of drapery. In fashion the proper undergarments make clothes fit and hang better, the same applies to drapery.

Maintain your drapes

Drapes need to be cleaned to maintain the fabric. Vacuum your window treatments using the soft brush attachment.  If deep cleaning is required refer to the fabric cleaning code on your product or turn them over to a professional to get them cleaned properly.