The Best Interior Design Advice You Could Ever Receive

I could fill page after page with interior design advice.  Most advice is general or applicable to a specific project or dilemma.  I decided to go outside the box and offer a few tips that you may have never thought of.

Let Your Unique Style Shine

Every season there is a new trend that everyone wants to embrace. Always remember that your home reflects your life history and your personality.  Take the time to find out what makes you happy and how to express that in your home’s décor. If that means you don’t embrace the season’s hottest paint color that’s perfectly fine.

You Don’t Have to Fill Your Room With Furniture

A room only needs the essentials, the rest is just extra stuff that looks pretty. If you’re holding off on designing your space because you think you need to shop for furniture, think again. You may be able to make do with what you have by arranging the space in a more functional manner.

You Can Transform Your Room by Eliminating Clutter

Eliminating excess knick-knacks and junk can create space in a room you didn’t realize you had, leaving you to utilize a room to its full potential. When there is less stuff in the room, focus can be brought to architectural features and stunning accent pieces.

The Wrong Paint Color is the Cheapest Mistake You Can Make

The wrong paint color only cost a few hundred dollars and a wasted weekend if you DIY the paint job. On the other hand a remodeling mistake or purchasing custom furnishings in the wrong size can cost thousands of dollars.  If you select the wrong paint color, it can always be repainted.

Decorating Your Home Does Cost Money

Budget decorating shows and Pinterest boards perpetuate the perception that you can create Your dream home for under a $100 a room. That is possible if you sacrifice quality, spend endless hours shopping at flea markets, sewing, refurbishing furniture, and acting as your own general contractor. This is possible for some people who are talented DIY’ers and have the time to devote to home improvement projects. Doing minor updates on a budget is possible but doing a complete overhaul on a budget is a time consuming full time job.

Embrace technology

There are apps that put take the guesswork out of designing a room. If you need to match a paint color, measure a room, level a picture, or visualize a piece of furniture in your room, there is an app for that.

What unexpected interior design advice have you ever received?