The Home Improvement Bucket List

I decided to share my personal home improvement bucket list, but take it a step further. Instead of creating the list of things I want to do, I’m identifying the obstacle that is keeping me from checking each item from my bucket list and a solution for making it happen this year.

Repaint the Living Room and Hallways

I’ve grown tired of the beige and brown color palette that I chose when I moved into my house nearly seven years ago, I am opting for a fresh grey that will brighten the rooms.

Obstacle: Coordinating paint colors with library and kitchen colors and finding time to paint.

Solution: Decide on colors by the end of January. Hire painters instead of doing it myself.

Create a Workout Room

Obstacle: I designated a space as a workout room but is has become a dumping ground for stuff that I need to get rid of and take to my storage unit. There is only room for the treadmill.

Solution: Dedicate a weekend afternoon to getting rid of the junk and arranging the room to function as planned.

Make the Guest Room Comfortable and Welcoming

Obstacle: The basement where the guest room is located is cluttered and the bed is not comfortable for guest. There is not enough privacy in the space since it is connected to my home office.

Solution: Organize basement and get rid of the clutter. Replace full size bed with Queen size bed. Get estimates for installing walls and French doors in the space.

Create Curb Appeal

I’ve never give much thought to my home’s exterior but now I find myself desiring my home to look as nice on the outside as it does inside.

Obstacle: I haven’t the first clue about gardening or landscaping.

Solution: Consult with a landscaper to create a plan that I can execute myself. Start early instead of waiting until the spring.

Renovate My Bathroom

I love my bathroom décor but my fixtures are lackluster.  My bathtub and vanity cabinet are bland, builder grade selections.  The thing that I want most is a deep tub that I can relax and take baths in.  I have lovely bath products that I cannot fully enjoy due to a crappy, shallow tub.

Obstacle: Cost

Solution: Create a plan for updating the bathroom but start with the feature that means most to me, the bath tub.

I think identifying the solutions to overcoming the obstacles I identified will actually make me do the extra work required to make these wishes come true.  I do the same with my clients when I meet with them.

What is your home improvement Bucket list?